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Mini Sessions at White Walls Studio in Taylors, SC

Updated: Jul 5

Mother's Day Mini Sessions

Wow, do you want to shed a tear or have your heart strings a-pulling? We did a mommy & me studio shoot and I'm still not over it.

So, I have the privilege to see first-hand how hard these mamas work and how they love so big. It was so sweet for them to let go and be with their littles. It truly felt like core memories were being made right in front of me and I got to capture that.

I wanted them to be in the moment and specifically remember this season. Watching my nephew full-time, I see how fast he's growing. I wanted the mamas in front of my camera to remember all the little things; the little grins and noses, hands and feet, what makes them laugh, the new faces being made, everything. And, that's exactly what happened. We had so much fun. We jumped around to see what made the babies laugh, let them explore the studio, and kind of just let them be.

*insert tears*

The images came out exactly how we imagined. We were all obsessed!


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