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Engagement Session in Spartanburg, SC

Updated: Jul 5

Fall Engagement Session ✨

man hugging fiance from behind while sitting on the dock

How many favorite sessions am I allowed to have? One, two, FIFTY?! Who CARES. Camille and Cameron's engagement session has just made that list.

Camille's been one of my best girls since high school. Beautiful, kind, with an even sweeter heart, she's also fiercely loyal, strong enough to face anything, and never fails to let you know exactly what's up. Something I've always really admired about her!

They got engaged this past Summer, and Camille already knew – fall photos it was. With that, she called up a family friend. We met at the best photo opportunity: a yard exploding with autumn hues, an old, charming barn, and a dock perched on a lake like a secret. And, BOY, am I glad we did!! It was an incredible backdrop.

The first half hour was the epitome of a fall engagement session. Leaves painted the ground, while towering trees framed them wherever I turned the camera. It was breathtaking. THEY KILLED IT. Especially, Cameron, who was a trooper at all my prompts and suggestions.

Then, there was Maple, their new pup, joining the family portraits by the barn. Watching them shower him with love made me want to melt behind the lens. *insert tears

Finally, we hit the dock. Time for bubbles and to celebrate their love. Cameron popped the bubbly, and they played in the leaves as we chased the last bit of sun. It was, quite literally, what photography dreams were made of.

On top of all that, these were people that I love. AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SEEING MY POEPLE SO HAPPY, OKAY?!

Camille and Cameron, I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to celebrate you more later this year and see you get married. More than that, I can't wait to see you make each other so happy for forever, ever.

xx Mae Lamm

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