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Engagement Session at Pearlz in Columbia, SC

Updated: Jul 5

Golden-Hour Engagement Photos, Where They Met ✨

man hugging fiance from behind while sitting on the dock

Ready for a new take on Golden Hour? Well, here it is... Engagement photos during golden hour, but in a bar. Needless to say, I'm obsessed.

My bff, Conner, and her fiancé, Ryan, met at Pearlz when they both worked there back in 2019. I vividly remember her telling me about him, and us even going out one night just to meet this mystery guy. Who knew, FIVE years later, we'd be back at Pearlz capturing their engagement photos? Full circle moment, there.

This session was pure magic! Not just because it was with my long-time bff (laughter was a constant), or because it felt more like a fun hang than work, but because we had the entire upstairs bar to OURSELVES! Talk about incredible. It just goes to show the perks of choosing a location that holds special meaning for you and your person – something I always advocate for.

When Conner first told me what she wanted from this session, I had originally imagined photos that looked completely different. She initially described her vision for the shoot as "bar vibes – moody, sexy, fun" – but, she also wanted something that felt like "them". When we arrived at the bar, golden hour was just starting to paint the sky. The moment I stepped upstairs, however, I was met with a surprise – sunlight streaming in through windows that went along the perimeter of the bar. That's when I knew these photos were going to turn out better than we'd imagined. You could literally see the rays beaming through, shining directly to the bar!!!

With some amazing light, in an amazing setting (one that I haven't gotten to shoot before), Conner told me she trusted me and that's all I needed to hear.

Now, we have these golden hour photos, in an empty bar and a session I'll remember forever. I'm so thankful for friends that encourage me to do what I love and give me the opportunity to capture their love stories. Every session feels extra special and extra sweet.


xx Mae Lamm

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