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Megan and Gray's Engagement Session

Fall in love with Aiken, vintage cars, & the future McClendon's during this engagement session. ✨

couple riding in vintage car

Fall colors ablaze, vintage chrome gleaming, and love in the air – that was how my evening unfolded with Megan and Gray, the soon-to-be McClendon's! They're tying the knot THIS YEAR, and the countdown is officially (and finally!) on.

They dreamt of an engagement session in the charming Southern town of Aiken, SC, a place I'd never been to before. Well, buckle up, people, because Aiken blew me away!! Every quaint street, every historic home – it was picture-perfect. Was I living under a rock not knowing about this gem?! Probably. LOL

Not only did Megan and Gray absolutely nail the vibe we were going for, but meeting them in person was sheer magic. Their warmth and genuineness made me feel like I'd known them forever. We started at Natasha's, Megan's aunt's house. It was beautiful and she was just as sweet as Megan! (And yes, you guessed it, numbers were exchanged by the end of the night. LOL)

Natasha's place is a stone's throw from the majestic oaks lining South Boundary Avenue. A street that Aiken is well known for and that has captured national attention in the past. (Again, I must have been living under a rock!) Cars watched as we pulled the vintage car to the right of the road and started our shoot. We had Natasha and her husband watch the road as we went in and out, getting some of my favorite shots (don't try this at home, people.) Megan and Gray are naturals in front of the camera, too.

As blue hour bathed the streets in a dreamy glow, we chased the fading light, capturing glimpses of their joy and connection in multiple locations. We ended the night laughing by the cars, the air buzzing with excitement for their upcoming wedding.

Megan and Gray, your love story is just beginning, and I can't wait to witness the next chapter unfold. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey, and for introducing me to the captivating charm of Aiken!


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