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A Hospital Session: A Tiny Wonder & Big Love

Updated: Feb 22

A June Miracle: Top Gun, Family, & A Hospital Session✨

man hugging fiance from behind while sitting on the dock

This hospital session holds a special place in my heart. My nephew, Lev, was due to be induced on June 16th, 2022, and true to schedule, he arrived with a whirlwind of love, laughter, and family surrounding him.

Remember "Top Gun"? It'll weave its way back in, stay tuned.

Kenzie and Ivan, my sister and brother-in-law, were supposed to head to the hospital on the evening of June 15th. But the hospital had other plans, bumping their admission until 3 AM. Instead of a hospital gown, they found themselves in comfy movie theater seats, popcorn in hand, watching the new Top Gun: Maverick. (Don't worry, she didn't go into labor in the movie theater.)

After their cinematic adventure and some much-needed sleep, they arrived at the hospital, ready for induction. And wouldn't you know it, Kenzie's water broke around 6 AM. Game on, little dude!

On the morning of the 16th, I raced to the hospital, so excited that I was going to finally meet my NEPHEW!!! Now, the hospital usually had a "one visitor per room" rule. I had talked to my mom and knew she had gotten to the room before me. I figured I would have to wait a while and then we would switch. But to my surprise, the front desk sent me up to their room! I, of course, didn't mention my mom beating me there. We were SO giddy thinking we tricked the system.

Kenzie had just had her epidural when I arrived and she was feeling pretty great... Like really, really great. Lol I remember the nurse asking, "You okay, hunny?" Kenzie, ever so calmly, looked up and with a soft smile asked, "Yeah, yeah, I'm good... Why?" The nurse kind of looked at her like she was crazy and said, "Well... right now you're having a pretty big contraction, but you good, girl, you good" with a laugh.

Kenzie was insanely calm her whole pregnancy. It was awesome. Lol Nothing could get to her, and Levy's birthday was no exception. She and Ivan played their curated playlist of worship music and with all Ivan's snacks and goodies from home, the whole hospital room had a calmness to it. For the next couple hours, I documented sweet moments between her and Ivan as excitement grew for all of us.

The next thing we know, our cousin, Ginny, walked in! We were shocked considering me and my mom were already there. But, for some reason, our little family bubble kept expanding. Feeling the luck, we jokingly suggested my dad try his luck at getting up to the room. A quick 25 minutes later, we hear a knock, and boom! There he was. They had let all FOUR of us come up. HOW? We were still unsure. (We followed all hospital policies and each had our name tag with our room number, okay, promise!!) It was surreal. Needless to say, we had the absolute best afternoon in that little room.

Woman laying in hospital bed with family around her

I remember, Kenzie's labor was a little slow at first, but somewhere along the way things progressed. Ginny and our dad left the room while the doctor checked her out. All of the sudden, the doctor said to the nurse, "Oh. Okay. See that? It's his head." WOWZER. That escalated!! Truly, it was game-on for the little dude.

Kenzie began to push. It only took four, maybe five pushes, when we heard that sweet cry. With my camera in hand, the next few moments felt like a beautiful blur. One moment we were guessing what he would look like, the next, we were starring at his perfectly-oval, little head. We were all tearing up.

Witnessing my best friend bring my little best friend into the world was the most incredible experience of my life. The photos from this day are some of my rawest, most intentional work, each image holding so much emotion, and memories behind it. It was truly magical.

Fast forward to today, Lev will celebrate his second birthday in June, and another miracle is arriving in July. We can't wait to welcome this new little bundle of joy!! We're hoping for some more miracles to get us all up to her hospital room, again, for baby number two!

OH. There's more to the "Top Gun" story, too. After Kenzie and Ivan saw the Maverick movie, I, having never seen the original, requested to see it, too. My husband and I watched the original Top Gun and the sequel, Maverick. Afterward, I texted Kenzie requesting my aunt name be "Goosey." I tend to go all in on the things I love, you see. Now, "Goosey" or, as Lev calls me, "GaGa," is one of my favorite names.

New mom holding her baby while her husband hugs them both

That being said, this incredible session is when I fell in love documenting births. I know everyone's birth story looks different and some people aren't okay with a camera in their face during this time. But, man, to look back on those images and be in that moment, again, it's surreal.

So, if you're pregnant or plan to be, I challenge you to think about having a photographer there! One who is calm, helpful, can see an image in every emotional hand squeeze or hug, and that is raw and intentional with this kind of session. If it's not your thing, it's just not, and that's okay. But, these photos would be more than just photos. They'd be heirlooms from one of the best days of your life. And, that's exactly how I treat hospital sessions.

xx Mae Lamm


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